Hey, I'm Caitlyn. I'm a 22 year old cis girl and I like to write, draw, and waste my time playing video games instead of doing productive things.


Current interests include: Hatoful Boyfriend, Dangan Ronpa, Telltale's TWAU and TWD, and zombies. All the zombies.

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Hey, guys. So this week, I started another fic that is already five chapters and over 12k words in and is looking to get a lot huger before it’s finished. The thing is, first of all, that when I’m writing I’m doing nothing else, only writing every moment I’m conscious enough to do so. (To give you an idea, I’ve been writing so much this week that I keep forgetting meals and having to pull together something I can eat while still typing one-handed.) Second, I’ve been doing this instead of work that I might be able to sell. And because I’m chronically ill, even if I were doing the latter, I almost never have the energy necessary to seek out either freelance work or a publisher for stories I write independently.

I’m not going to stop writing fanfic, because clearly it has long ago snagged me by the hair and dragged me inescapably to its tenebrous lair, but it would be incredibly helpful to me — not to mention a huge incentive to keep writing — if you would check out the Patreon I’ve set up and consider becoming a patron. There are what I think are some good rewards and opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise get, such as access to wip excerpts and outtakes in the patron activity feed, and at higher levels the ability to influence what I write about since I don’t have the health to be able to do free fic requests. There will also no doubt be original fic in the mix as well, which I hope you’ll find as enjoyable as my fanworks. Whatever you end up doing, even if it’s only a signal boost, I appreciate it immeasurably.

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Red tailed black cockatoo females (Calyptorhynchus banksii) of Austrailia



One thing that drives me nuts about the lack of GSM representation is how there’s so much representation needed on SO MANY FRONTS that sometimes they almost clash.

We need more female characters who are just really close, emotionally intimate friends. We also need more lesbians.

We need more straight male characters who can be emotional and caring and “feminine.” We also need more gay characters, both flamboyant and otherwise.

We need more female characters who don’t conform to societal expectations of gender and who show frustration with being female due to its limitations in their culture. We also need more FTM characters.

We need more male characters who don’t conform to societal expectations of gender and decide it’s okay to wear skirts and makeup if they want to look pretty. We also need more MTF characters.

We need more characters who can live without sex, who want to wait until marriage, who aren’t comfortable moving too quickly in a relationship and that’s seen as okay and not a flaw. We also need more asexual characters.

We need more characters who push the boundaries of what “cishet” means. We also need more characters who AREN’T cishet.

AND THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IS, what we GET is usually a character who sits squarely in the middle of the road and the creators refuse to define, leaving the fans to argue and rage at each other as the two sides cling desperately to the only characters they’ve been able to relate to in ages for different but equally legitimate reasons.

these kinds of posts are always a note to self to me: try to write a LOT, try to write ALL OF THESE KINDS OF CHARACTERS.  A huge body of work offering diverse interpretations of sexuality, gender, and so on will start to make up for the sad lack of diversity in so many areas of media

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this dragon has played the walking dead

color palette used


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Here is the link to the City Lab article and the link to the actual website, Turn On Detroit’s Water.

h/t to amomenttothink for retweeting this.


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     “In my spare time, I go to parks, cafés, and even bars, where I fold paper roses and give them out. I like handing them out for free—I think people need something free every once in awhile.”
     “What’s your favorite part about doing this?”
     “What I enjoy the most is seeing an innocent, childlike reaction on an adult’s face: ‘Oh, here‘s something free and there’s no gimmick.’ Of course, some people are suspicious, and I can understand why. Sometimes people join me and start folding paper with me, or someone tells me that they’ve had a really bad night, and I cheered them up.
     “Once in a while, someone tries to give me money. I try my best to say, ‘Pass it forward. Do another good deed’, because otherwise it ends in a circle instead of making a spiral. Sometimes that’s the only way people know how to thank you, though. One time an Albanian woman insisted that I take a dollar. She would’ve gotten upset if I hadn’t, and her husband said, ‘Some people just want to thank you that way.’ So now I know when to accept money, which I use to buy more paper.”

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did you hear the one about the florists?

there are two florists - normal guys, just selling flowers in their town. they do well, make an honest living, business is blooming, things seem great. a few months later, two friars move in. the friars decide to become florists themselves. months go by and eventually, the townspeople decide they prefer buying their flowers from men of god. the two original florists lose a lot of business and fall into hard times.

they decide to change things. the original florists go talk to the friars and ask them nicely to leave, but nothing happens. so the original florists decide to beat the crap out of the friars. they go to beat the crap out of the friars, but, surprise! the friars beat the crap out of them instead. the original florists dont know what to do.

so they hire a mercenary named hugh. hugh starts politely, like the original florists did, and tries to get the friars to leave peacefully. they dont respond well. hugh eventually has enough of their nonsense and goes to beat the friars up. he kicks the crap out of them and scares the friars out of the town. the original florists begin making money again and everything returns to normal. all is well.

anyway, the point of the story is that only hugh can prevent florist friars.

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